WAI SIK 為食 in Cantonese Chinese is a slang term typically used to describe someone who is enamored by food, and is always happy to eat or try food. In English, one who is WAI SIK might also identify as a foodie. A person who is WAI SIK can also be characterized as someone who might always be looking to snack on something. Literally translated, WAI 為 means “for” and SIK 食 means “to eat / food”.

So in essence, someone who lives for food.

The WAI SIK blog is a place for us to share our love of food with others. Here you will find recipes tried and true, stories and culinary experiences, restaurant recommendations near and far, food related art and photography, and so much more. We hope you enjoy the WAI SIK blog and hope that you become someone who is WAI SIK too!


Our Story

Hi we’re the WAI SIK team! I’m Jenny, Founder of the WAI SIK blog. As a Cantonese/Chinese American, I grew up eating both Eastern and Western food from a young age. Many of my fondest memories revolve around the times I've spent with my family preparing food together in the kitchen. Learning to wrap dumplings with my grandmother, eating late night bowls of instant ramen with my father, whipping up desserts with my mother, feasting with family during the holidays, enjoying italian pasta with my sister, and the list goes on and on.

As children and even now, both my sister and I have been called WAI SIK 為食 by our family because we absolutely love food and could never turn down a bite to eat. We're food lovers and love all things related to food--recipes, kitchen gadgets, restaurants, food shows, food products, etc.

The WAI SIK 為食 website is our way to be able to share this love with people who also love food the way we do. We hope you enjoy the site and follow our WAI SIK 為食 adventures!

Jenny & the WAI SIK 為食 Team

Meet the Team

Hi! We're the WAI SIK 為食 Quality Control Team! Welcome to the website and we hope you enjoy it, because we sure do!

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